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How much does it cost and how do I pay?

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A year's membership of the scheme, with a wheeled bin costs £51.50 this year.  Membership is on a rolling calendar year basis  - if you join in April 2014 you will need to renew your membership by 1 May 2015

For £15.00 you can buy ten 75 litre compostable sacks to collect and store your garden waste in.  Use these as and when you choose, and simply phone us to book the collection of a minimum of 3 sacks.

You can join the scheme either by:

  • Following the internet payments link.  Click on "all other council bills" then "waste management" and use the drop down menu to select either paying for the whole year, in two instalments or garden waste sacks
  • or by calling the Garden Waste Service Helpline on 01832 742043

Once payment has been received or made we will send you a confirmation of registration.  You will receive your garden waste bin within 10 working days in which your collection details will be enclosed.

Please follow this link for the terms and conditions of the Garden Waste Scheme.

*Please note that a private company, Biffa, also locally operate a kerbside collection of garden waste - the Green Waste Club. This is a separate scheme to the council's Garden Waste Service. If you are a member of Biffa's Green Waste Club you need to contact Biffa for any enquiries or to renew your membership.



Telephone: 01832 742000

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Tel: 01832 742026

Email: waste@east-northamptonshire.gov.uk

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